Bougainville, Center for Intuition & Psychology is specialised in Aurareading, Highly Sensitive Persons, Trauma (EMDR) & Complicated Grief, Intuition Coaching, Anthroposophic Psychotherapy and Biography.  Feel Welcome !


As an Intuitive Psychologist I focus upon your aura as if painting a picture of your actual and personnel development.

Images and pictures of deeply hidden desires can occur and feelings and thoughts deeply wished for may see the light.

An Aurareading at Bougainville gives you back your strengths and awakens hidden desires to come alive and blossom.

Feel free to call us and make an appointment for an individual Aurareading.  Aurareading Workshops will be given as well in small groups.

Aurareading is the perfect instrument to further develop your intuitive skills and stimulate your personnel development. We love to give you an Aurareading or share Aurareading skills.

Highly Sensitive Persons, Trauma (EMDR) and Complicated Grief

Highly Sensitive Persons and Trauma (EMDR) are Specialisations of Bougainville as from the beginning in 2007.

Highly Sensitive Persons - as by nature - are more vulnerable to life events and  to complicated grief or loss.

By focussing upon the strengths of being a highly sensitive person you will experience more grounding and  centering into your life.  Intuitive exercises and meditations will be altered with EMDR techniques if wished for or  needed.

Feel welcome to join us by making an appointment.      Please call 050 5352775 and ask for Barbara Loomans, Psychologist at Bougainville.

Specialized in Highly Sensitive Persons, Aurareading, Intuition Coaching & Anthroposophic Psychotherapy


As an Anthroposophic Therapist and Psychologist you are welcome to join Bougainville to feel more completely  understood and comprehended by focusing upon your highly sensitive nature.

By using anthroposophic images, language  and thougths you may feel coming home by taking a closer look at your biography if wished for or needed.

Feel free to join us at Bougainville to fill out a planetary test (planetentest) or to fill out & create your own biography.

Call us at 050 5352775 to make an appointment for an individual consult or for further information. You are very welcome.

Consults in English, French and German in Groningen & Haren (GN)

Bougainville, Center for Intuition & Psychology, is an International Center for Highly Sensitive Persons who seek guidance and support throughout their lives.

Persons who come to Bougainville all are highly sensitive and highly gifted in one way or the other. They may come from foreign countries needing to adjust to living in The Netherlands.  Or they may have a foreign soul, wishing to feel home again and safe in their recent lives.

Please feel free to discover what kind of services you might need from Bougainville. Services may consist of becoming more strongly grounded and centered in your life as well as listening more softly and strongly to your intuition.  Aurareading, EMDR and Biography might help you to make your life more complete again. Intuitive meditations help you focus on your heart and make you a better listener of your own desires, needs and wishes.

Bougainville, Center for Intuition & Psychology (DUTCH)

Bougainville, Center for Intuition & Psychology, is onderdeel van Bougainville, Praktijk voor Intuïtie & Coaching,

Bougainville is gespecialiseerd in hoogsensitiviteit en trauma (EMDR). Vooral hooggevoelige volwassenen en kinderen vinden hun weg naar Bougainville. Naast intuïtie coaching, aurareading en begeleiding bij hoogsensitiviteit is er veel ruimte voor rouwverwerking, traumabegeleiding en EMDR:  traumabehandeling en verwerking.

De sessies vinden individueel of in groepsverband plaats, veelal in kleinere groepen zoals bij workshops Hoogsensitiviteit of workshops Auralezen.

In voor - en najaar zijn er Chakrameditaties en workshops Avalon gepland. Avalon verwijst naar een mytisch eiland in de tijd van Koning Arthur in Engeland, waar vooral vrouwen hun persoonlijke kracht en intuïtie hervinden. Avalon is gebaseerd op The Mists of Avalon van Marion Zimmer Bradley. In de Avalon workshops stemmen we af op het eiland Avalon om onze persoonlijke kracht te hervinden en onze intuïtie te versterken. Bij de Chakrameditaties staat telkens een chakra centraal, van het wortelchakra, via het hartchakra naar het kruinchakra. We mediteren in kleine groepjes en schetsen onze ervaringen in kleur op papier.

Feel welcome to join one of our workshops at Bougainville!


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